Dog Emergency Situations

Hit By Car

If your dog has been hit by a vehicle, keep him/her warm with a towel or blanket, apply pressure to any bleeding wounds, and seek immediate attention.

Difficulty Breathing

If your dog is having labored breathing, check his/her mouth and nose for obstructions, and then seek immediate attention.

Excessive Bleeding

If your dog is bleeding from a wound, apply pressure and bandage the area. Seek immediate attention. If your dog has blood in his stool, vomit, or from the mouth or nose, do not offer him/her food, collect a sample of the vomit or stool, and seek immediate attention.

Ingestion of Poisons or Inappropriate Medications

If your dog has eaten any type of poison, prescription medication, or antifreeze bring the packaging or bottle with you and seek immediate attention. You can also contact Poison Control at (888) 426-4435.

Bloated Stomach or Dry Heave Vomiting

If your dog has a distended stomach and has dry heaves, he/she could have bloat. Bloat is a life-threatening condition in large dogs. Seek immediate attention.

Inability to Rise, Walk, or Paralysis

If your dog cannot stand on his/her own, or if any limb is paralyzed, seek immediate attention.

Staggering or Seizures

If your dog has a seizure that lasts over 5 minutes or is having repetitive seizure events over a 24-hour period, seek immediate attention.

Inability to Pass Urine

If your male dog is straining, has urinated repeatedly and no urine has passed, he may have a blockage. Seek immediate attention.

Excessive Bite Wounds

If your dog has been bitten by another animal or venomous/poisonous snake, seek immediate attention.

Bulging or Injured Eye

If your dog has a bulging or injured eye, please seek immediate attention.
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